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Per Michael Johansen continues as Rector

Lene Espersen and Per Michael Johansen. Photo: AAU


AAU gets a 'rebate' on 307 places in the final agreement on the relocation of degree programmes that the political parties concluded  in March. Photo: AAU

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Update Synspunkt is a forum on AAU Update where all AAU staff members can have their voice heard. 

Contributions may be written in Danish or English and will be published without being edited if they adhere to the guidelines.

Contributions to Update Synspunkt solely represent the author’s opinion and will not be translated.  

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Staff benefits

AAU staff have a number of facilities and benefits available. Further information is available on the International Staff Unit's website.

Facilities and benefits

purpose of AAU Update

AAU Update is the official news site for all staff members at Aalborg University (AAU).

The purpose of AAU Update is to promote unity across the university and to be the go-to place for the latest AAU news and information. AAU Update aims at contributing to a cohesive, shared identity and culture at AAU.

AAU Update supports the university's purpose and intends to reflect university life by publishing news stories on education, research and cooperation with interest for all staff across organisational and geographical units.

AAU Update will ensure clear management communication by engaging constructively and critically in communicating decisions made by the management as well as issues important to staff across the organisation.

The English version of AAU Update aims at providing news stories and information relevant to a broad spectrum of international staff members in English and without too much delay. However, since most content is translated after it has been published in Danish some delay must be expected.

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The news articles on the Danish version of AAU Update are mainly written by communication staff at the departments, deans’ offices, AAU Innovation and Shared Services units.

The articles on the English version are translated from Danish to English by a language consultant at AAU Communication, or by communication staff at the departments, deans’ offices, AAU Innovation and Shared Services units.

If you have an idea for a news story for AAU Update, we would be happy to hear from you. Before you start writing, we can help you clarify the news angle and message and provide feedback on your draft article.

Feel free to contact the editorial team of AAU Update who are based in AAU Communication with tips, ideas or comments. Contact Update at update@aau.dk.

Lea Laursen Pasgaard, journalist and editor (on maternity leave)
Tlf. 9940 7393

Jane Grønning Johansen, journalist 
Tlf. 9356 2377

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