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Committee for Equality and Diversity

About the Committee for Equality and Diversity

The Committee for Equality and Diversity has been appointed by the Executive Management. The Committee is responsible for the strategic and long-term development of equality and diversity efforts at Aalborg University.

The Committee deals with issues related to gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, physical and mental impairments, etc.

When relevant, the Committee may set up working groups/project groups for solving specific matters, developing new strategic areas, etc.



The Board of Aalborg University has approved the committees Strategic Action Plan for Gender Equality and Diversity. The following five focus areas will promote gender equality and diversity at AAU and be implemented during the current strategy period.

#1 Organizational development, capacity building, gender and diversity mainstreaming
#2 Work-life balance
#3 Recruitment, hiring and career committee
#4 More women in management
#5 Internationalization of staff

For further information, please refer to the article on AAU Inside and AAU's strategic action plan for gender equality and diversity.


  • Preparing five-year plans for equality and diversity at Aalborg University (first term 2016-2021) on the basis of the ambitions of our strategy Knowledge for the World
  • Preparing and developing ad hoc analyses and initiatives within equality and diversity
  • Communicating the University’s efforts within equality and diversity
  • Preparing annual reports to the University Board, Executive Management, Main Joint Consultation Committee, Academic Councils, etc.
  • Monitoring the University’s compliance with Danish legislation, act on equality, primarily in the context of the gender balance, and preparing drafts for The University’s annual reporting, cf. ministerial requirements
  • Monitoring the University’s compliance with its own regulations (section 24(8)) and the Cooperation Agreement
  • Monitoring the general development within the area of responsibility of the Committee
  • Developing and updating the University’s equality report (available in Qlikview)
  • Preparing various reports to ministries, agencies, etc.

Committee members:

  • Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (Chairman) 
  • Anette Therkelsen, Pro-dekan for research, Faculty of Humanities
  • Ulla Steen, Head of the Department of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Henrik Søndergaard, Head of the HR Department, AAU Shared Services
  • Trine Schultz, Professor with special responsibilities, Department of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Claus Lassen, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Technical Faculty of IT and Design
  • Mette Lübeck, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, The Faculty of Engineering and Science
  • René Ernst Nielsen, Clinical Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine 
  • Thessa Jensen, Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Psychology, Faculty of Humanities
  • Jimmi S. Jensen, IT Staff Member, IT-Services, Union representative for technical/administrative staff and member of the Main Joint Consultation Committee


  • The HR Department provides administrative support to the committee.

Gender mainstreaming assessment

According to the Gender Equality Act of 2000, all universities are legally obliged to work with gender equality and to integrate gender mainstreaming in all core services and in all planning. With an addition to the law in 2014, universities are also obliged to prepare gender equality statements every two years.

Gender mainstreaming assessment is not a goal in itself, but one of many methods which can be used to perform quality assurance on work, and to ensure equality between women and men. Gender mainstreaming assessment can improve the quality of the work carried out in the public administration, because interventions are targeted more accurately in relation to the conditions, opportunities and behaviours of the target groups. For further information see the government webiste

AAU’s Gender Equality mainstreaming assessments (only in Danish)


If you have any questions or comments to the Committee, please contact the committee's mailbox:
E-mail: ULD@adm.aau.dk 

You can also contact:
The committee secretary Louise Toft Andersen
Tlf: 9940 7388
E-mail: ltand@adm.aau.dk


Calender 2021

Ordinary meetings 2021

  • Thursday 4 February 2021
  • Thursday 27 May 2021
  • Thursday 26 August 2021
  • Thursday 4 November 2021