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Strategic Committee for Digitalisation

Strategic Committee for Digitalisation

The Strategic Committee for Digitalisation has been appointed by the Executive Management of AAU and is responsible for the University’ overall interests in digitalisation. Thus, the Strategic Committee for Digitalisation prioritises the overall resources and finances allocated to IT for the benefit of the entire University. The Strategic Committee for Digitalisation ensures the long-term strategic digitalisation of the University. All efforts and initiatives are based on AAU’s strategy, Knowledge for the World and aims to support the implementation of the strategy.

The Strategic Committee for Digitalisation takes a proactive approach in supporting the University’s core activities, research and education, with a focus on technology-based research, innovation and PBL. The Strategic Committee for Digitalisation is responsible for ensuring that the University achieve maximum advantage of its IT services.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • preparing a digital strategy and ensuring its implementation
  • assessing and prioritising the structure of the overall portfolio of digitalisation projects on the basis of specific criteria and with a view to the possibility of strategic implementation of the projects
  • determining the above mentioned criteria
  • ensuring that the required framework for implementation exists
  • delegating authority to project steering groups and establishing the frameworks of digitalisation project in terms of scope, time, resources, quality, risks and outcome
  • reviewing the overall IT services portfolio with a view to supporting the digital strategy


  • Henrik Pedersen (chair)
  • Henrik Halkier
  • Dorte Stigaard
  • Søren Kristiansen
  • Jakob Stoustrup
  • Flemming Koch
  • Morten Winterberg



  • Per Hejgaard
  • Lars Lohmann
  • Thomas Krumbak
  • Niels Dahl Thellufsen (minute taker)


If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Niels Dahl Thellufsen, special consultant
Email: ndt@adm.aau.dk 
Tel.: 9940 9485

Meeting calendar


  • Wednesday 13 February 2019
  • Wednesday 3 April 2019
  • Wednesday 3 July 2019
  • Monday 9 September 2019
  • Monday 11 November 2019
  • Monday 9 December 2019