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'AAU Pendler' is a Yammer-group where AAU staff can find colleagues from the same area and arrange carpooling. Photo: Colourbox


Do you live outside of Aalborg and commute every day to work? You're not alone! IT support staff member Claus Munk Andersen has created the group 'AAU Pendler' so AAU staff can find colleagues from the same area and arrange carpooling.

By Signe Bak Pedersen, Student Assistant, AAU Communication. Translated by LeeAnn Iovanni, AAU Communication. Photo: Colourbox

Like many staff members at Aalborg University, IT support staff member Claus Munk Andersen from Shared Services doesn’t live in Aalborg. So he created the group 'AAU Pendler' [AAU Commuter] on the platform Yammer in August 2021 as a gathering point for staff to arrange carpooling through the group.

The group is relevant like never before with the ever-rising gasoline prices. So Claus Munk Andersen wants to spread the word about the group:

- I am now in the situation where my current commuting partner got a new job so I have to find a new partner. That's why I joined the group again in early June 2022. I noticed that there were fewer than 20 members in the small community, which I thought was a bit sad. And because of the current fuel prices, I thought it was important to advertise the group, he says.

Claus Munk Andersen himself comes from Frederikshavn and commutes almost every day to work. He often has a colleague in the car, and sees that as a good thing. In addition to the fact that you can save money by having several people ride together, he highlights several other advantages of carpooling. First, it's good for the environment. Second, it’s good for traffic – fewer cars on the road helps alleviate challenges like traffic congestion. And third, says Claus Munk Andersen, it’s nice to have company on long drives.

- It's nice to ride with someone. And the few disadvantages of planning the ride are also easily outweighed by economic, environmental and traffic benefits, says Claus Munk Andersen.

At this writing, Claus Munk Andersen says that there are 27 members in the group. However, he believes there are many more at AAU who commute. He hopes that more people will learn about the group so that many more can enjoy the benefits of carpooling.

You can find the AAU Pendler Group here

In addition to the AAU Pendler/Commuter Group, Aalborg University also partners with the company NaboGo that can help arrange carpooling for commuters. Read more here