AAU Update




As of August, Susse Maria Holst will be Aalborg University's new Deputy Director for Communication. She thus becomes the prime mover in developing the university's new communication strategy.

By Jeannette Bylov, Press Advisor, AAU Communication. Translated by LeeAnn Iovanni, AAU Communication

Aalborg University (AAU) must play a greater role in developing solutions to the major global challenges and be a greater presence in the consciousness of opinion leaders, politicians and the general population. To support that process, a decision was made to strengthen the area of communication throughout the organisation. Therefore, in August, AAU will welcome a new deputy director for communication to campus.  

- I am very much looking forward on behalf of the entire university to welcoming Susse Maria Holst to AAU. With Susse Maria, Aalborg University gets a sharp profile in strategic communication, public affairs and management. She comes with a range of impressive results from her work as head of communication in organisations that include the Danish Rheumatism Association, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and in the Danish Regions. I therefore have no doubt that Susse Maria is the right person to handle the task of leading AAU in a more strategic direction – one that gets results – in the communication area, says University Director Søren Lind Christiansen.

As of 1 August, Susse Maria Holst will take on the role of Head of AAU Communication. She will thus be the prime mover in developing the university's new communication strategy. The strategy for the communication area going forward will support the overall strategy for AAU based on the mission-oriented approach to research.

The goal of the new appointment and the future communication strategy is to create a clear direction for communication efforts throughout the organisation so that communication supports the positive changes that AAU desires.

- My ambition is for communication from AAU to reach more people and create major change. We need to know who we want to communicate with and what they are interested in and continuously follow up on whether we reach them. With its new, overall strategy, the university has great ambitions with mission-oriented research. Strategic and measurable communication is an important tool for broadly reaching out to create change, if we work systematically with it, says Susse Maria Holst.

One of the major tasks waiting to be set in motion by the new deputy director is the development of a new communication strategy. In the coming years, it will set the direction for AAU's communication efforts throughout the organisation.

- Before we start working on the new communication strategy, I will spend time talking to many partners in the organisation to get an impression of the wishes, challenges and goals of communication today. The communication strategy must include focal points, but also support a different way of working with communication. We need an even stronger communication environment at AAU where we develop the best communication products for those we would want a dialogue with. We must also continuously measure whether our efforts have the desired effect. This may relate to specific research projects within AAU's missions or an agenda that AAU would like to raise with politicians and decision makers, says Susse Maria and adds:

- I’m looking forward to being part of a large organisation that creates knowledge every day for the benefit of us all. I want to show the difference that good communication can make and show that with good training in communication your message can reach many more people. Communication advice and training should be in high demand at AAU in a year, says Susse Maria Holst.

Susse Maria Holst grew up in Sønderborg and today lives with her family in Copenhagen. She has several years of experience in developing and implementing communication strategies in complex organisations. In her previous positions, she worked with public affairs on both sides of the table, and knows the work processes at Slotsholmen after several years as head of communication at the Ministry of Higher Education and Science where her task portfolio included advising ministers and executive management.