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Katrine Vasegaard will be AAU's new Deputy Director in the Rector's Office. Photo: Lorentsen Fotografi


Katrine Vasegaard will be AAU's new Deputy Director in the Rector's Office. She starts in the position on 1 August and will be the link between the university's senior management and the rest of the organisation.

By Lea Laursen Pasgaard, AAU Communication. Translated by LeeAnn Iovanni, AAU Communication. Photo: Lorentsen Fotografi

As of 1 August, Aalborg University will have a new Deputy Director in the Rector's Office. Katrine Vasegaard, 43, comes with a background in political science, public sector management and with solid experience from academia, central administration and the Armed Forces.

University Director Søren Lind Christiansen headed the appointment committee and is looking forward to working with her:

- I am very much looking forward to welcoming Katrine Vasegaard to AAU. We have been through a thorough hiring process, and I am sure that Katrine is the right person for the job. Katrine comes with extensive experience in university operations, valuable insight into the university sector and a management profile of considerable competence, University Director Søren Lind Christiansen says.


As Deputy Director in the Rector's Office, one of Katrine Vasegaard's central tasks is to create coherence between the strategic initiatives and goals and AAU's organisation. She will be an important partner for the Rector and the Executive Management, the head of the Rector's Office twenty-member staff, and the focal point for many cross-cutting functions in the organisation.

- I think it is an incredibly important and exciting societal task to ensure a good framework for research, teaching and the university's collaboration with the surrounding community. It thus means a great deal to me to advise and support the Rector and the rest of the management at AAU in running, developing and representing the university in the best possible way, Katrine Vasegaard says.

She continues:

- My ambition is to contribute to AAU as a mission-oriented university with its distinctive features and strategic focus points. I consider myself a team player and I have an appreciative and inclusive management style. I believe that staff are the most important resource and that well-being and good results go hand in hand. Therefore, I want to be the prime mover for a working environment where everyone has the conditions to perform at their best, including that my staff members and partners feel involved and valued, she says.

The new deputy director is also concerned with balancing safe operations and development. She is curious by nature, thinks in terms of solutions and likes to take a helicopter view. According to Katrine Vasegaard, very small changes in ways of doing things can sometimes make a big difference.


Her background as a language officer in the Armed Forces has in many ways been defining for the way she works. She was stationed in Kosovo where she acquired values like team spirit, decency, working until a solution is found and daring to take responsibility. In addition, she comes with experience from a ministry, a municipality and the consulting industry.

For the past five years, Katrine Vasegaard has been Head of Secretariat at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University. She is thus familiar with the challenges of daily life in a university environment for the various staff groups. Thus, one of her pet issues is that the top management have its finger on the pulse of the reality that characterizes day-to-day life in the local environments at AAU. She thrives in the role of liaison and translator between the different levels at a university and will work to make both the internal and external communication at AAU relevant and the complicated easy to understand.

Katrine Vasegaard was born and raised in Aarhus where she lives with her husband and their two daughters.