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Get ready for the new semester: Digital tools, didactics, and pedagogy in your teaching

Get ready for the new semester: Digital tools, didactics, and pedagogy in your teaching

Digital teaching will continue its footing when we finally get to meet on campus again for the new semester. Center for Digitalt Understøttet Læring (Center for Digitally supported teaching, CDUL) and IT Services (ITS) remains ready to support the ways teaching can be thought and disseminated digitally after the summer holidays. As a teacher, this article will give you an overview of how CDUL and ITS can help support your teaching so that digital tools, didactics, and pedagogy go hand in hand.

CDUL and ITS have, together with the rest of AAU, gained lots of experience in the process of the rapid transition from physical to online or hybrid teaching. In this article, CDUL and ITS build on experiences from the cooperation between departments and present a selection of the many opportunities that you as a teacher can continue to take advantage of in the coming semester when we are back on campus.

The rapid digital development constantly offers new opportunities within teaching, and it can be difficult to keep up and devote time to get familiar with all the new methods and approaches on your own. ITS and CDUL would like to make it as easy as possible for teachers at AAU to make a relatively limited effort in terms of time and engagement to enhance the experience for teachers as well as students with digital support.

Technical competences

ITS can help strengthen digital competences in terms of technically mastering basic learning technologies and platforms. ITS offers, among other things, several free hands-on mini-courses that are tailored to fit the needs of the user. Hanne Levisen, team leader in ITS Support, says:

-A mini-course typically lasts 1 hour and can, for example, be about how you can use MS Teams for online teaching or as a collaboration tool with the students. Another example could be a course on how to use AAU video conferencing or Poly studio (previously Polycom Studio) for partial online teaching between different AAU locations or with online participants, Hanne Levisen says.

The mini-courses can be carried out as a collaboration between ITS and CDUL so that the content deals with the use of the technology in relation to the pedagogical and didactic options. Write an email to support@its.aau.dk describing your wishes in terms of content, and ITS will organize a mini-course for you.

You can get help with self-help by using the step-by-step guides that represent ITS’ recommendations for best practice within the use of technology in AAU classrooms, online teaching, or partial (hybrid) online teaching. Find guides targeted teachers at underviser.its.aau.dk. All material is available in both Danish and English. Mini-courses are also available in both languages. In addition, AAU offers great free e-learning courses in, for example, MS Teams, OneDrive for Business, OneNote, and MS Planner. Take a closer look at AAU’s course catalogue (In Danish). At last, Microsoft also offers training videos. As always, you are welcome to seek advice and help from ITS Support by contacting ITS Support by phone, email, or in one of our local service desks. 

Pedagogical and didactic competences

Learning technologies and new pedagogical and didactic methods, such as flipped learning, expand and change the learning space and give students new opportunities for participation and a different experience of traditional auditorium teaching. Learning technologies and the new ways of teaching are not only limited to online teaching but can also be used to activate and engage students when we re-introduce physical teaching on campus. As a teacher, you can get help selecting and combining the application of the different learning technologies and pedagogical as well as didactic methods so that they make sense in terms of AAU’s PBL model and the given study activity. In relation to this, Anja Emilie Madsen, team leader at CDUL, tells about CDUL’s next event:

- On AAU Learning day, taking place on August 24th, there will be a workshop where we introduce the model ABC Learning Design. If you need inspiration on how to plan digitally supported courses, modules, and semesters based on PBL, then please participate in this workshop, Anja Emilie Madsens says.

ABC Learning Design is a didactic method that can help you achieve good and efficient planning, both alone and with colleagues. Read more and sign up here.

- In addition to participating in the workshop on Learning Day, CDUL regularly offers webinars, workshops, and courses with a focus on developing teachers’ pedagogical and didactic competences in relation to supporting PBL digitally. CDUL works with ITS on also having an IT Supporter participating in events where this can be beneficial so that teachers are given the opportunity to ask about technical challenges and questions. This is a good solution, Anja Emilie Madsen continues.

Find all CDUL’s events on this page, which is continuously updated. If you cannot find what you need on this page, you are welcome to contact your local digital teaching consultant here.

On CDUL’s website, you can find information about the learning technologies that CDUL offers in collaboration with ITS. You will also be able to find pedagogical and didactic inspiration to support PBL digitally in the following themes: Aktiver din studerende (In Danish), Projekt- og gruppearbejde (In Danish) and Synergi mellem kurser og projekt (In Danish). CDUL also has a number of guides to help you with digitally supported teaching and PBL activities.

Stay up to date

If you would like to keep up with the development of the new options in MS Teams, you can join the Yammer-group in MS-Teams, where new functionalities are discussed, and AAU users share knowledge.

CDUL regularly shares digital perspectives on problem-based learning via LinkedIn and the newsletter News from CDUL, which you can sign up for here.

ITS frequently updates content on www.underviser.its.aau.dk, and news is available on ITS Update, which you can sign up for here. If you do not find what you need, you are always welcome to contact ITS Support.

Need help?

Contact ITS Support or visit underviser.its.aau.dk for IT technical guidance and support.

Contact your local CDUL teaching consultant for pedagogical and didactic advice or send an email to cdul@aau.dk.