AAU Update


Digital workshops with Søren Hald will give you tips and tricks for better home ergonomics. Photo: Redminkrop.dk


Does homework mean more sedentary hours for you than usual? This is not good for your body. Now you can get help at a workshop in March 2021.

By Ann Cecilie Schaffry Enemærke og Svend Ole Hosbond Poulsen, the Working Environment Section. Photo: Redminkrop.dk

Good ergonomics, exercise and movement are important for your physical and mental well-being and your personal resources to work efficiently for an entire day. Do you feel that you are moving enough whilst working at home?

The Working Environment Section in collaboration with Søren Hald from Redminkrop.dk is now arranging two digital workshops, which will give you tips and tricks for better home ergonomics and some short, simple exercises that can save your body.

The workshops will be held in Danish on the 3rd of March and in English on the 4th of March.

Sign up for the workshop here