AAU Update


AAU Science and Innovation Hub. Photo: Jakob Andersen Dahl


Aalborg University's new beacon for mission-oriented and interdisciplinary research, innovation and entrepreneurship will have its own unique name. Submit your proposals by Wednesday, 15 June.

Text and photo by Jakob Andersen Dahl, AAU Innovation. Translated by LeeAnn Iovanni, AAU Communication

The new innovation building that is expected to be operating by the end of the summer has thus far been known as the Science & Innovation Hub that colloquially became "SIH" or just "the hub". Now a new name must be found.

Science & Innovation Hub will continue to serve as a subtitle or part of the building's full name, but we also need special nickname or designation that characterizes our building and place in everyday speech and use.

A similar name construction can be found, for example, for several of the Danish museums of modern art, each of which is also known as the Ark, Louisiana, KUNSTEN, etc.

The new name for the Science & Innovation Hub must be equally captivating and preferably descriptive. The name should say something about the building's purpose and work, and it should refer to its architectural appearance.

But what should the building be called?

Starting today, and until Wednesday, 15 June, you may submit your proposals including your reasons for your suggestion for the building's new name. Submit your proposal by filling out the form here (Danish version only)

The new name is expected to be announced at the end of June.

Read more about the building and the thinking behind it on update.aau.dk/sih (In Danish)