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Participants in the UN Women Gender Diversity Roundtable. Photo: UN Women

Rector: Diversity and inclusion important in new AAU strategy

On 8 March, Rector Per Michael Johansen took part in the UN Women Gender Diversity Roundtable. The theme of the meeting was diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and a key point in the discussions was that this effort is about more than gender. This is also applies to AAU, the Rector says.

By Lea Laursen Pasgaard, AAU Communication. Translated by LeeAnn Iovanni, AAU Communication

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This was the theme of the UN Women Gender Diversity Roundtable on 8 March where AAU Rector Per Michael Johansen was among the participants that also included Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary, and representatives from other Danish universities, companies and organisations.

Participants discussed how to achieve greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace and agreed that this effort requires looking beyond gender.


- There were several inspiring presentations and perspectives at the conference. I believe that if Aalborg University (AAU) is to ensure diversity in our study programmes and research, this requires an inclusive culture and a clear goal of providing education and research that can help change the world. I also think that we have indeed advanced the goal of inclusion in recent years, and our new strategy entails working towards even greater clarity in our goals and ambitions as a university, says AAU Rector Per Michael Johansen.

Also on the agenda were a number of recommendations to strengthen diversity in Danish workplaces that Mette Fjord Sørensen of the Confederation of Danish Industry presented to Peter Hummelgaard, Minister for Employment and Equality. The recommendations were formulated and signed by members of the Gender Diversity Roundtable, including AAU.

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