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After consideration by the Main Joint Consultation Committee earlier in June, the Executive Management gave its final approval this week to AAU's plan for relocating degree programmes and reducing student intake. As before, the plan entails 20 programmes closing to student intake or moving to either Esbjerg or Hjørring.

By Anette Marcher, Rector’s Office. Translated by LeeAnn Iovanni, AAU Communication

Aalborg University’s plan for relocating degree programmes and reducing student intake is now finalized. After consideration by the Main Joint Consultation Committee on 10 June, the plan underwent a final discussion and was approved at the Executive Management meeting on 20 June. As before, the final plan entails that a total of 20 programmes will either close to student intake or move to Esbjerg and Hjørring.

At the Main Joint Consultation Committee meeting on 10 June, the staff representatives presented a summary of the comments on both the plan and process from two staff meetings in May in Copenhagen and Aalborg. The original committee discussion was postponed from April 26 to allow staff members to have their say.

At the two staff meetings, staff members requested a plan for retaining staff and a future strategy for the AAU campus in Copenhagen.

With the final approval of the Executive Management, the relocation plan will now be implemented. At its meeting on 20 June, the Executive Management decided to follow up on the process with a focus on staff retention and development of research and study environments in the degree programmes affected. This will be done in the autumn by the deans reviewing the work on the research environments, study environments and the occupational health and safety environments at the programmes concerned.

This information will also be available to the Main Joint Consultation Committee.

In parallel with the process around the research and study environments, AAU's total student intake will be closely monitored until 2030 when the entire plan for relocation and reduction must be completed. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science will also annually follow up on the implementation of the agreement in connection with the status report on the strategic framework agreement.

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